The Oxford handbook of postwar European history, edited by Dan Stone
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  • The Oxford handbook of postwar European history, edited by Dan Stone
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  • The Oxford handbook of postwar European history
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  • edited by Dan Stone
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  • Postwar European history
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  • This volume covers subjects as diverse as the meaning of European identity, southern Europe after dictatorship, the cultural meanings of the bomb, the 1968 student uprisings immigration, welfare, and coming to terms with the Nazi past
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  • Includes bibliographical references and index
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  • bibliography
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  • Oxford handbooks
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  • List of Contributors -- Editor's Introduction: Postwar Europe as History, Dan Stone -- PART I: WHAT IS POSTWAR EUROPE? -- 1. Corporatism and the Social Democratic Moment: The Postwar Settlement, 1945-1973, Geoff Eley -- 2. Interwar, War, Postwar: Was There a Zero Hour in 1945?, Richard Overy -- 3. East, West, and the Return of 'Central': Borders Drawn and Redrawn, Catherine Lee and Robert Bideleux -- 4. Spectres of Europe: Europes Past, Present and Future, Luiza Bialasiewicz -- 5. Europe and Its Others. Is There a European Identity?, Luisa Passerini -- PART II: PEOPLE -- 6. Ethnic Cleansing, Philipp Ther -- 7. Responding to 'Order Without Life'? Living under Communism, Dan Stone -- 8. The Spectre of Americanization: Western Europe in the American Century, Philipp Gassert -- 9. Immigration and Asylum: Challenges to European Identities and Citizenship, Stephen Castles -- 10. Gendering Europe, Europeanizing Gender: The Politics of Difference in a Global Era, Uli Linke -- 11. 1968: Europe in Technicolour, Martn Klimke -- 12. Making Postwar Communism, Mark Pittaway -- 13. Europe's Cold War, Jussi M. Hanhimaki -- 14. The Western European Welfare State beyond Christian and Social Democratic Ideology, Ido De Haan -- 15. The Truth about Friendship Treaties: Behind the Iron Curtain, Douglas Selvedge -- PART IV: RE-CONSTRUCTION: STARTING AFRESH OR REBUILDING THE OLD? -- 16. A Continent Bristling with Arms: Continuity and Change in Western European Security Policies after the Second World War, Leopoldo Nuti -- 17. 'Les trente glorieuses': From the Marshall Plan to the Oil Crises, Gianni Toniolo and Nick Crafts -- 18. European Integration: The Rescue of the Nation State?, Robert Bideleux -- 19. A Restructured Economy: From the Oil Crisis to the Financial Crisis, 1973-2009, Ivan T. Berend -- 20. Veblen Redivivus: Leisure and Excess in Europe, Rosemary Wakeman -- PART V: FEAR -- 21. 'Gentlemen, You are Mad!' Mutual Assured Destruction and Cold War Culture, P. D. Smith -- 22. What Was National Stalinism?, Vladimir Tismaneanu -- 23. Colonial Fantasies Shattered, Martin Evans -- 24. After the Fear Was Over? What Came after Dictatorships in Spain, Greece, and Portugal, Helen Graham and Alejandro Quiroga -- 25. What Comes after Communism?, Michael Shafir -- 26. Brothers, Strangers and Enemies: Ethno-nationalism and the Demise of Communist Yugoslavia, Cathie Carmichael -- PART VI: CULTURE AND HISTORY -- 27. The Countryside: Toward a Theme Park?, Hugh D. Clout -- 28. Heritage and the Reconceptualization of the Postwar European City, Brian Graham and G. J. Ashworth -- 29. The Postcolonial Condition, Robert J. C. Young -- 30. Postwar Art, Architecture, and Design, Stefan Muthesius -- 31. Science and Technology in Postwar Europe, Andrew Jamison -- 32. Images of Europe -- European Images: Postwar European Cinema and Television Culture, Ib Bondebjerg -- PART VII: COMING TO TERMS WITH THE WAR -- 33. Intellectuals and Nazism, Samuel Moyn -- 34. The Great Patriotic War in Soviet and Post-Soviet Collective Memory, Roger Markwick -- 35. Memory Wars in the 'New Europe', Dan Stone -- Index
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