Memory and cultural history of the Spanish Civil War, realms of oblivion, edited by Aurora G. Morcillo
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  • Memory and cultural history of the Spanish Civil War, realms of oblivion, edited by Aurora G. Morcillo
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  • Memory and cultural history of the Spanish Civil War
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  • realms of oblivion
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  • edited by Aurora G. Morcillo
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  • The authors in this anthology explore how we are to rethink political and social narratives of the Spanish Civil War at the turn of the twenty-first century. The questions addressed here are based on a solid intellectual conviction of all the contributors to resist facile arguments both on the Right and the Left, concerning the historical and collective memory of the Spanish Civil War and the dictatorship in the milieu of post-transition to democracy. Central to a true democratic historical narrative is the commitment to listening to the other experiences and the willingness to rethink our present(s) in light of our past(s). The volume is divided in six parts: I. Institutional Realms of Memory; II. Past Imperfect: Gender Archetypes in Retrospect; III. The Many Languages of Domesticity; IV. Realms of Oblivion: Hunger, Repression, and Violence; V. Strangers to Ourselves: Autobiographical Testimonies; and VI. The Orient Within: Myths of Hispano-Arabic Identity.--, Provided by Publisher
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  • History of warfare,, volume 93, 1385-7827
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  • List of Contributors ix List of Illustrations xv Introduction: Post-Memory and Historical Agency. Aurora G. Morcillo 1 PART ONE - INSTITUTIONAL REALMS OF MEMORY From Anti-Fascism to Humanism: The Spanish Civil War as a Crisis of Memory. Antonio Cazorla-Sanchez 21 Valle de los Caidos: A Monument to Defy Time and Oblivion. Alex Bueno 51 Political Responsibilities in Franco's Spain: Recovering the Memory of Economic Repression and Social Control in Andalusia, 1936<U+0127> 45. Fernando Martinez Lopez and Miguel Gomez Oliver 111 PART TWO - PAST IMPERFECT: GENDER ARCHETYPES IN RETROSPECT The Battle to Def{491}ine Spanish Manhood. Nerea Aresti 147 From Militia Woman to Emakume: Myths Regarding Femininity during the Civil War in the Basque Country. Miren Llona 179 The Republican Mother in Post-Transition Novels of Historical Memory: A Re-Inscription into Spanish Cultural Memory?. Deirdre Finnerty 213 PART THREE - THE MANY LANGUAGES OF DOMESTICITY Embroidering the Nation: The Culture of Sewing and Spanish Ideologies of Domesticity. Paula A. de la Cruz-Fernandez 249 The Mythopoeia of Dolores Ibarruri, Pasionari. Mary Ann Dellinger 285 PART FOUR - REALMS OF OBLIVION: HUNGER, REPRESSION, AND VIOLENCE Franco's Bread: Auxilio Social from Below, 1937<U+0127> 1943. Oscar Rodriguez Barreira 319 Corpus Delicti: Social Imaginaries of Gendered Violence. Sofia Rodriguez Lopez 359 Locks of Hair/Locks of Shame? Women, Dissidence, and Punishment during Francisco Franco's Dictatorship M. Cinta Ramblado Minero 401 PART FIVE - STRANGERS TO OURSELVES: AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL TESTIMONIES Chelo's War: Late Memories of a Falangist Woman. Victoria L. Enders 437 Memories of War. and Exile: Two Autobiographical Narratives of Exiled Women. Pilar Dominguez Prats 467 Contents Contents V PART SIX - THE ORIENT WITHIN: MYTHS OF HISPANO-ARABIC IDENTITY Military Memories, History, and the Myth of Hispano-Arabic Identity in the Spanish Civil War. Geofffrey Jensen 495 "Carmencita" Goes East: Francoist Cultural Discourses about the Middle East Maria del Mar Logrono Narbona 533 Conclusion: Ricoeur's Le Pouvoir De Faire Memoire. Aurora G. Morcillo 557 Index 565
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