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Critics of empire, British radicals and the imperial challenge, Bernard Porter

Critics of empire, British radicals and the imperial challenge, Bernard Porter
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Includes bibliographical references (p. [338]-352) and index
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Critics of empire
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Bernard Porter
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British radicals and the imperial challenge
"The notion of 'empire' has been at the forefront of world politics for over a century. Bernard Porter's landmark work traces the critical response to the British imperial project in the years leading up to World War I. Imperial adventures, including the intervention in Egypt and the Anglo-Boer War, together with the jingoistic clamour that surrounded them, attracted powerful hostility as well as support. "Criticism of Empire" is the subject of Porter's stimulating book. Long regarded as the classic account, the author has now added a substantial new Introduction. He demonstrates the power and influence of major critics such as J.A. Hobson - the acknowledged creator of the 'capitalist theory' of imperialism - E.D. Morel and Mary Kingsley and of organisations like the Congo Reform Association. With themes which are also highly relevant to the present day discourse on the American 'empire', this book will prove essential reading for all students of imperial and international history."--, Provided by Publisher
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Introductory: the nineteenth-century legacy -- The imperial challenge, 1895 -- Liberals and the empire -- Labour and the empire -- The new knowledge -- The new eadicals -- Imperialism: a study -- Liverpool and Africa -- The twentieth century: radicals and Africa
British radicals and the imperial challenge
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