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Creative methods for human geographers, edited by Nadia von Benzon, Mark Holton, Catherine Wilkinson, Samantha Wilkinson

Creative methods for human geographers, edited by Nadia von Benzon, Mark Holton, Catherine Wilkinson, Samantha Wilkinson
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Creative methods for human geographers
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edited by Nadia von Benzon, Mark Holton, Catherine Wilkinson, Samantha Wilkinson
"Introducing a broad range of innovative qualitative methods, this book shows you how to use creative methods in a research project. It offers straightforward advice on how to approach every step of the process, from planning and organisation to writing up and disseminating research. It also: Demonstrates how novel approaches can be put into practice using primary or secondary data. Provides practical guidance on overcoming common hurdles like getting ethical clearance and conducting a risk assessment. Encourages you to reflect critically on the processes involved in research. Clear and accessible, this book makes adopting cutting-edge methods unintimidating and provides you with a complete toolkit to conduct creative research with confidence. Nadia von Benzon is a Lecturer in the Lancaster Environment Centre at Lancaster University. Mark Holton is a Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Plymouth. Samantha Wilkinson is a Senior Lecturer in Childhood and Youth Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University. Catherine Wilkinson is a Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader at Liverpool John Moores University"--, Provided by publisher
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Introducing creative methods / Nadia von Benzon, Mark Holton, Catherine Wilkinson, Samantha Wilkinson -- Centering reflexivity, positionality and autoethnographic practices in creative research / John Horton -- Researching 'our' people and researching 'other' people / Chris Philo, Louise Boyle and Mark Lucherini -- Ethical considerations in creative research : design, delivery and dissemination / Sarah Marie Hall, Gemma Sou and Laura Pottinger -- The practicalities of researching creatively / Tracy Ann Hayes -- Photography and photo elicitation as visual methods / Noora Pyyry, Markus Hilander and Sirpa Tani -- Moodboards and LEGO : principles and practice in social research / Jo Hickman Dunne and Helena Pimlott-Wilson -- Creative approaches to mapping / Amy Mulvenna and Chris Perkins -- Drawing and graffiti-based approaches / Robin Kearns, Kyle Eggleton, Annie van der Plas, and Tara Coleman -- Research with sound : an audio guide / Geraint Rhys Whittaker and Kimberley Peters -- Mobile interviews by land, air and sea / Mark Riley, Jennifer Turner, Samuel J. Hayes and Kimberley Peters -- Psychogeography and urban exploration / Morag Rose and Jane Samuels -- Crafting / Katherine Harrison and Cassandra A. Ogden -- Creative performance and practice / Sofie Narbed -- Working with literary texts / Nichola Harmer -- Poetic methods / Gabriel Eshun and Clare Madge -- Researching music : listening and composing / Geraint Rhys Whittaker and Kimberley Peters -- Working creatively with biographies and life histories / Laura Fenton and Signe Raven -- Mobile technology, spatial and locative media / Mike Duggan -- Mobile phones, text messaging and social media / Jamie Halliwell and Samantha Wilkinson -- Creating and repurposing apps / Mark Holton -- Gaming and virtual reality in geographical research / Phil Jones and Tess Osborne -- Video ethnography / Thomas Aneurin Smith and Rita Dunkley -- Creative research in and with archives / Matthew F. Rech -- Selecting and analyzing publicly generated online content / Catherine Wilkinson and Nadia von Benzon -- Curation as method / Rhi Smith, Francesca Church and Hilary Geoghegan -- Analysing 'messy' data / Nadia von Benzon and Kimberley O'Sullivan -- Showcasing creative methods in your dissertation research / Pearlin Teow and Mark Holton -- Creative dissemination / Catherine Wilkinson, Lorna Brookes, Matthew C. Benwell, Bethan Evans, Andre Davies, Bernie Carter, Greg Langride-Thomas and Sergio A. Silverio
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