China and Taiwan in Africa, The Struggle for Diplomatic Recognition and Hegemony, edited by Sabella O. Abidde
The work China and Taiwan in Africa, The Struggle for Diplomatic Recognition and Hegemony, edited by Sabella O. Abidde represents a distinct intellectual or artistic creation found in European University Institute Library.

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  • China and Taiwan in Africa, The Struggle for Diplomatic Recognition and Hegemony, edited by Sabella O. Abidde
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  • China and Taiwan in Africa
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  • The Struggle for Diplomatic Recognition and Hegemony
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  • edited by Sabella O. Abidde
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  • This edited volume discusses the contest and contestation between China and Taiwan for diplomatic recognition and supremacy on the African continent. Written by a diverse group of international scholars, this volume provides insight into five interlocking questions and areas: the origins of China and Taiwan's continent-wide competition for supremacy; China and Taiwan's foreign policy towards Africa during and after the Cold War; the shift in dominance from Taiwan to China; the changing allegiances of African governments; and the implications of ongoing China-Africa-Taiwan relations on the global system, especially on countries in the Global South. This book is divided into three parts. Part One deals primarily with the early history of both Chinas on the continent. Chapters in Part Two discuss the foreign policy of China and Taiwan toward the African continent. Part Three focuses on the shifting alliances and diplomatic allegiance of African countries towards the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the Republic of China (ROC). Filling the gap in Africa-China-Taiwan studies, this volume will be of interest to researchers and students in the social sciences especially political science, comparative politics, international relations, foreign policy, politics of developing nations, area studies, and Taiwanese/Chinese studies.--, Provided by publisher
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  • Africa-East Asia International Relations,, 2731-5134
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  • Part I: Contest and Contestations - The Early Years -- Chapter 1: Sovereignty and International Recognition: Exploring the Complex China-Africa-Taiwan Relations -- Chapter 2: China in Africa: Historical Roots (1949-1970) -- Chapter 3: The Statehood of Taiwan -- Chapter 4: The Cold War and the China-Taiwan Impasse -- Chapter 5: Japan and the Political Status of Taiwan -- Part II: Foreign Policy and International Organizations -- Chapter 6: China's Foreign Policy Towards Africa, 1949-1970 -- Chapter 7: Beijing or Taipei: The 1971 UN Resolution -- Chapter 8: Beijing, Washington and Taipei in the WHO -- Chapter 9: Economic Alignment, Political Non-Alignment: Engaging Issues in OAU/AU's Response to China-Taiwan Diplomatic Debacles in Africa -- Part III: Pragmatic Diplomacy and Shifting Allegiances -- Chapter 10: The Switching of Sides by Senegal and Nigeria -- Chapter 11: Nelson Mandela, the ANC, China, and Taiwan -- Chapter 12: Promoting One-China Policy: PRC's 'Influence Strategies' and Their Effectiveness in Africa -- Chapter 13: China vs Taiwan in Africa: The Role of Democracy and Electoral Competitiveness -- Chapter 14: The US-China-Taiwan Relations: Military Invasion, Annexation, and Verbal Brinkmanship -- Index
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