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Time, labor, and social domination, a reinterpretation of Marx's critical theory, Moishe Postone

Time, labor, and social domination, a reinterpretation of Marx's critical theory, Moishe Postone
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non fiction
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Time, labor, and social domination
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Moishe Postone
Sub title
a reinterpretation of Marx's critical theory
Table Of Contents
pt. I. A critique of traditional Marxism -- Rethinking Marx's critique of capitalism. The crisis of traditional Marxism ; Reconstructing a critical theory of modern society ; The Grundisse: rethinking Marx's conception of capitalism and its overcoming ; The fundamental core of capitalism ; Capitalism, labor, and domination ; The contradiction of capitalism ; Social movements, subjectivity, and historical analysis ; Some present-day implications -- Presuppositions of traditional Marxism. Value and labor ; Ricardo and Marx ; "Labor, " wealth, and social constitution ; The critique of society from the standpoint of labor ; Labor and totality: Hegel and Marx -- The limits of traditional Marxism and the pessimistic turn of critical theory. Critique and contradiction ; Friedrich Pollock and "the primacy of the political" ; Assumptions and dilemmas of Pollock's thesis ; Max Horkheimer's pessimistic turn --pt. II. Toward a reconstruction of the Marxian critique: the commodity -- Abstract labor. Requirements of a categorical reinterpretation ; The historically determine character of the Marxian critique ; Historical specificity: value and price ; Historical specificity and immanent critique ; Abstract labor ; Abstract labor and social mediation ; Abstract labor and alienation ; Abstract labor and the fetish ; Social relations, labor and nature ; Labor and instrumental action ; Abstract and substantive totality -- Abstract time. The magnitude of value ; Abstract time and social necessity ; Value and material wealth ; Abstract time ; Forms of social mediation and forms of consciousness -- Habermas's critique of Marx. Habermas's early critique of Marx ; The theory of communicative action and Marxpt. III. Toward a reconstruction of the Marxian critique: capital -- Toward a theory of capital. Money ; Capital ; The critique of bourgeois civil society ; The sphere of production -- The dialectic of labor and time. The immanent dynamic ; Abstract time and historical time ; The dialectic of tranformation and reconstitution -- The trajectory of production. Surplus value and "economic growth" ; Classes and the dynamic of capitalism ; Production and valorization ; Cooperation ; Manufacture ; Large-scale industry ; Substantive totality ; Capital ; The proletariat ; Contradiction and determinate negation ; Modes of universality ; The development of the social division of time ; Realms of necessity -- Concluding considerations