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Social and political bonds, a mosaic of contrast and convergence, F.M. Barnard

Social and political bonds, a mosaic of contrast and convergence, F.M. Barnard
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Social and political bonds
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F.M. Barnard
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McGill-Queen's studies in the history of ideas, 50
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a mosaic of contrast and convergence
Is it possible to bridge the gap between the secrecy of the state and the people who are governed? F.M. Barnard argues that mediation between people and purposes, parts and wholes, voluntariness and coercion, not only can but must occur in a fair society and outlines a range of strategies that can be used to join seemingly irreconcilable social and political contexts." "Warning specifically against official moralistic rhetoric, ignoring civic demands, and hidden acts of power by anonymous governmental bureaucracies and lobbyists, Barnard's approach blurs the boundaries between specialized fields of study, revealing the degree to which individual choice influences political force. He also shows how any attempt to achieve a balance between the state and society requires developed political judgement and a measured view of what can be politically attained and demanded.--, Provided by Publisher
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Introductory perspectives -- Status identification : class and social mobility -- Social interaction : conflict, cooperation and culture -- Political development : dynamics and contexts -- Power and political authorization -- Electoral choices : parties and governments -- Democracy : scripts and players -- Hidden powers and odd allies : lobbyists and bureaucrats -- Political mediation : parts and wholes (an overview) -- Bridging and belonging : concluding reflections
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