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After Deportation, Ethnographic Perspectives, edited by Shahram Khosravi

After Deportation, Ethnographic Perspectives, edited by Shahram Khosravi
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non fiction
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After Deportation
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edited by Shahram Khosravi
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Global EthicsSpringer eBooks.
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Ethnographic Perspectives
This book analyses post-deportation outcomes and focuses on what happens to migrants and failed asylum seekers after deportation. Although there is a growing literature on detention and deportation, academic research on post-deportation is scarce. The book produces knowledge about the consequences of forced removal for deportee’s adjustment and “reintegration” in so-called “home” country. As the pattern of migration changes, new research approaches are needed. This book contributes to establish a more multifaceted picture of criminalization of migration and adds novel aspects and approaches, both theoretically and empirically, to the field of migration research.--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
1. Introduction -- 2. Fieldnotes from Cape Verde: On Deported Youth, Research Methods and Social Change -- 3. Starting Again: Life After Deportation from the United Kingdom -- 4. Helping Women Prepare for Removal: The Case of Jamaica -- 5. Back from the Other Side: The Post-Deportee Life of Nigerian Migrant Sex Workers -- 6. Paying to Go: Deportability as Development -- 7. Deportees Lost at "Home": Post-Deportation Outcomes in Afghanistan -- 8. “My Whole Life Is in The USA”: Dominican Deportees’ Experiences of Isolation, Precarity, and Resilience -- 9. Making It as a Deportee: Transnational Survival in the Dominican Republic -- 10. Post-Deportation Movements: Forms and Conditions of the Struggle Amongst Self-Organising Expelled Migrants in Mali and Togo -- 11. Ripples Across the Pacific: Cycles of Risk and Exclusion Following Criminal Deportation to Samoa -- 12. “Non-Admitted”: Migration-Related Detention of Forcibly Returned Citizens in Cameroon -- 13. Deportation: The Last Word?
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