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How did this happen?, terrorism and the new war, edited by James F. Hoge, Jr., and Gideon Rose

How did this happen?, terrorism and the new war, edited by James F. Hoge, Jr., and Gideon Rose
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How did this happen?
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edited by James F. Hoge, Jr., and Gideon Rose
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PublicAffairs reports
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terrorism and the new war
Table Of Contents
The, organization men : anatomy of a terrorist attack, Brian M. Jenkins -- The, uneasy imperium : Pax Americana in the Middle East, Fouad Ajami, Somebody else's civil war : ideology, rage, and the assault on America, Michael Scott Doran, Was it inevitable? : Islam through history, Karen Armstrong, Left, right, and beyond : the changing face of terror, Walter Laqueur, Graveyard of empires : Afghanistan's treacherous peaks, Milton Bearden -- The, restless region : the brittle states of Central and South Asia, Rajan Menon -- The, kingdom in the middle : Saudi Arabia's double game, F. Gregory Gause III, Commandeering the Palestinian cause : Bin Laden's belated concern, Samuel R. Berger and Mona Sutphen, Strangling the hydra : targeting Al Qaeda's finances, William F. Wechsler, Intelligence test : the limits of prevention, Richard K. Betts -- The, all-too-friendly skies : security as an afterthought, Gregg Easterbrook -- The, unguarded homeland : a study in malign neglect, Stephen E. Flynn, Government's challenge : getting serious about terrorism, Joseph S. Nye, Jr., Germ wars : the biological threat from abroad, Richard Butler, Countering bioterrorism : who's in charge?, Laurie Garrett -- The, new security mantra : prevention, deterrence, defense, William J. Perry, Waging the new war : what's next for the U.S. Armed Forces, Wesley K. Clark, Diplomacy in wartime : new priorities and alignments, Michael Mandelbaum, Stirred but not shaken : the economic repercussions, Martin N. Baily -- The, home front : American society responds to the new war, Alan Wolfe -- The, Cold War is finally over : the true significance of the attacks, Anatol Lieven -- The, return of history : what September 11 hath wrought, Fareed Zakaria
Terrorism and the new war
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