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Muslim legal thought in modern Indonesia, R. Michael Feener

Muslim legal thought in modern Indonesia, R. Michael Feener
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Muslim legal thought in modern Indonesia
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R. Michael Feener
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Indonesia has been home to some of the most vibrant and complex developments in modern Islamic thought anywhere in the world. Nevertheless little is known or understood about these developments outside South East Asia. By considering the work of the leading Indonesian thinkers of the twentieth century, Michael Feener, an intellectual authority in the area, offers a cogent critique of this diverse and extensive literature and sheds light on the contemporary debates and the dynamics of Islamic reform. The book highlights the openness to, and creative manipulation of, diverse strands of international thought that have come to define Islamic intellectualism in modern Indonesia. This is an accessible and interpretive overview of the religious and social thought of the world's largest Muslim majority nation. As such it will be read by scholars of Islamic law and society, South East Asian studies and comparative law and jurisprudence.--, Provided by publisher
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Technology, training and cultural transformation -- The open gate of ijtihād -- An "Indonesian madhhab" -- Sharī'a Islam in a Pancasila nation -- New Muslim intellectuals and the "re-actualization" of Islam -- The new ulamā -- Next generation fiqh?
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