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Demography and democracy, transitions in the Middle East and North Africa, Elhum Haghighat

Demography and democracy, transitions in the Middle East and North Africa, Elhum Haghighat
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Demography and democracy
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Elhum Haghighat
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transitions in the Middle East and North Africa
The Middle East and North Africa have recently experienced one of the highest population growth rates in the world, something which has profoundly affected the wider region and its institutions. In addition, the recent period of unprecedented political turbulence has further complicated the picture, resulting in uprisings and resistance movements that have coincided with intense shifts in socio-cultural norms, as well as economic and political change. Through highlighting the links between population dynamics and the social and political transitions, this book provides a new view of these recent regional changes. The complexity of the changes is further explained in the context of demographic transitions (mortality, fertility, migration) that work hand in hand with development (economic and social modernization) and ultimately, democratization (political modernization). These three Ds (Demographic, Development and Democratic transitions) are central to Elhum Haghighat's analysis of the Middle East and North Africa at this crucial time.--, Provided by publisher
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Introduction and fundamentals -- Development, piety, elements of democracy and the MENA region -- Global and MENA demographic transitions -- Demographic transition in the MENA and the world -- Contemporary dynamics and dimensions in the MENA -- The impact of population movement and migration, oil and labor resources in the MENA region (focus on GCC countries) -- Change and transition in the politics of gender and sexuality in the MENA -- Case studies and conclusion -- Contemporary dynamics and dimensions of politics and society in Yemen, Qatar, Tunisia and Iran -- Conclusion