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Institutions and the crisis, edited by Franklin Allen, Elena Carletti, Mitu Gulati ; authors Lee C. Buchheit, Bruno De Witte [and 14 others]

This book critically analyses, reviews and debates the most salient elements and gaps of Europe’s post-crisis institutional architecture, particularly: -- how European institutions managed the crisis; -- the role of courts in the crisis, and -- the Eurozone’s institutional prospects. --, Provided by the publisher
Table Of Contents
The Contributors vii -- Acknowledgements xiii -- Preface xv -- Keynote Speech - Euro area reform: reflections on an initiative, 1, Jean Pisani-Ferry -- Dinner Speech - Europe and financial crises in the future, 27, Natacha Valla -- PART I - A Look Back: Evaluating European Institutions’ Crisis Management 35 -- Official Lending in the Euro Area: A Look Back, Aitor Erce 37 -- Regulatory Integration and Political Subordination, 57, Tuomas Saarenheimo -- The European Court of Auditors and the EU’s Developing Economic and Financial Architecture, Baudilio Tomé Muguruza 69, -- Why Has Euro Crisis Management Been So Hard?, Jeromin Zettelmeyer 83 -- PART II - Disentangling The Crisis And The Courts 93 -- Use of the Local Law Advantage In the Restructuring of European Sovereign Bonds, Lee C. Buchheit 95 -- Judicialization of the Euro Crisis? A Critical Evaluation, Bruno De Witte 103 -- Paper Tigers (or How Much Will Courts Protect Rights in a Financial Crisis?), Mitu Gulati & Georg Vanberg 111 -- From Form to Substance: Judicial Control on Crisis Decisions of the EU Institutions (with a focus on the Court of Justice of the European Union), Chiara Zilioli 133 -- PART III - The Way Forward: The Eurozone’s Institutional Prospects 149 -- Macro Rates Views: Is EMU ‘Break-Up’ Risk Out For Good?, 151, Francesco U. Garzarelli -- Institutions and the Crisis, Wolfgang Münchau 163 -- Deepening of EMU: Some Topical Considerations, Thomas Wieser 173 -- Putting the Cart before the Horse? A critical appraisal of the European Finance Minister idea, Maria Patrin and Pierre Schlosser 183 -- Conference Programme 199
Literary Form
non fiction
This book collects the contributions of the speakers at the conference 'Institutions and the Crisis', which was held at the EUI in Florence, Italy, on 26 April 2018
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203 pages, illustrations, 30 cm.

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