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From Alexandria, Through Baghdad, Surveys and Studies in the Ancient Greek and Medieval Islamic Mathematical Sciences in Honor of J.L. Berggren, edited by Nathan Sidoli, Glen Van Brummelen

This book honors the career of historian of mathematics J.L. Berggren, his scholarship, and service to the broader community. The first part, of value to scholars, graduate students, and interested readers, is a survey of scholarship in the mathematical sciences in ancient Greece and medieval Islam. It consists of six articles (three by Berggren himself) covering research from the middle of the 20th century to the present. The remainder of the book contains studies by eminent scholars of the ancient and medieval mathematical sciences. They serve both as examples of the breadth of current approaches and topics, and as tributes to Berggren's interests by his friends and colleagues
Table Of Contents
History of Greek Mathematics -- Mathematical Reconstructions Out, Textual Studies in -- Research on Ancient Greek Mathematical Sciences -- History of Mathematics in the Islamic World -- Mathematics and Her Sisters in Medieval Islam -- A Survey of Research in the Mathematical Sciences in Medieval Islam from 1996 to 2011 -- The Life of Pi: From Archimedes to ENIAC and Beyond -- Mechanical Astronomy: A Route to the Ancient Discovery of Epicycles and Eccentrics -- Some Greek Sundial Meridians -- An Archimedean Proof of Heron's Formula for the Area of a Triangle -- Reading the Lost Folia of the Archimedean Palimpsest -- Acts of geometrical construction in the Spherics of Theodosios -- Archimedes Among the Ottomans -- The Second Arabic Translation of Theodosius' Sphaerica -- More Archimedean than Archimedes: A New Trace of Abū Sahl al-Kūhī's work in Latin -- Les mathématiques en Occident musulman -- Ibn al-Raqqām's al-Zīj al-Mustawfī in MS Rabat National Library 2461 -- An Ottoman astrolabe full of surprises -- Un algébriste arabe: Abū Kāmil Šuǧāc ibn Aslam -- Abū Kāmil's Book on Mensuration -- Hebrew Texts on the Regular Polyhedra -- A Treatise by Bīrūnī on the Rule of Three and its Variations -- Safavid Art, Science, and Courtly Education in the Seventeenth Century -- Translating Playfair's Geometry into Arabic
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