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Foreign Capital Flows and Economic Development in Africa, The Impact of BRICS versus OECD, edited by Evelyn Wamboye, Esubalew Alehegn Tiruneh

This collection examines the extent to which foreign capital from conventional (OECD countries) and non-conventional (BRICS) sources has impacted economic development in Africa over the last two decades. It provides in-depth analyses of the nature, motives, and implications of this capital, and identifies drivers of contemporary rapid growth within and across African countries. Authored by leading experts, the book offers original insights for academics, policymakers, and practitioners studying the changes taking place in Africa as the continent strides more confidently toward integration with the global economy.--, Provided by publisher
Table of contents
1. Exploring the Nature, Motives, and Implications of Foreign Capital in Africa -- 2. The Impact of China and South Africa in Urban Africa -- 3. China's Financial and Aid Flows into Africa and their Effects -- 4. Enhancing the Impact of Chinese Development Finance for Sustained Poverty Alleviation -- 5. Foreign Direct Investment and Structural Change: Does the Origin of Investors Matter? -- 6. BRICS' versus G7 Countries' Direct Investment Impact -- 7. BRICS' versus OECD's Foreign Direct Investment Impact on Development -- 8. Cross-Border Capital Flows and Economic Performance: A Sectoral Analysis -- 9. The Concept of Land in Ethiopian Tradition: Land, Power, and Famine -- 10. Your Next "Landlord" Will Not Be Ethiopian: How Globalization Undermines the Poor -- 11. The Truth about Land Grabs: A Review of the Oakland Institute's Reports on Large-Scale Land Investments in the Twenty-First Century -- 12. International R&D Spillovers and Labor Productivity -- 13. Development Aid and International Trade in Sub-Saharan Africa: The EU versus China -- 14. Changing International Trade Linkages in Sub-Saharan Africa: BRIC versus OECD Countries -- 15. The Growth Impact of Aid Quantity and Quality -- 16. The Role of Foreign Aid in the Fast-Growing Rwandan Economy: Assessing Growth Alternatives -- 17. Anatomy of Foreign Aid in Ethiopia -- 18. Remittances and Economic Development: A Review of the Empirical Evidence -- 19. Have Debt Relief Initiatives Yielded Varying Impact in Resource and Non-Resource Endowed Countries? -- 20. Debt Sustainability and Direction of Trade: What does Africa's Shifting Engagement with BRIC and OECD Countries Tell Us? -- 21. Managing Resource Price Volatility: Exploring Policy Options for the Democratic Republic of Congo
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