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Comparative government, an introduction, Jean Blondel

"A comprehensive and systematic introduction to the institutions and patterns of behavior of political systems worldwide. The book is concept rather than country based, looking in the depth at the key elements necessary to an understanding of political institutions and political change. It also looks at the part played by bureaucracies, the military and the courts in political life and the extent to which people participate directory in politics"--provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Part I. General frameworks and concepts. -- 1. The importance and scope of comparative government. -- 2. The political system and the role of structures in governmental life. -- 3. The norms of political systems : patterns of government in the contemporary world. -- 4. Political development. -- 5. Legitimacy, integration, coercion and the question of dictatorship. -- Part II. Society and government. -- 6. The social bases of political systems. -- 7. Groups, demands and political systems. -- 8. Popular information and the role of the media. -- Part III. Political parties. -- 9. Origins, nature and goals of political parties. -- 10. The structure of political parties. -- 11. Single-party systems. -- 12. Systems of more than one party. -- 13. The role of electoral systems. -- 14. Parties, party systems and the political system. -- Part IV. Governmental structures. -- 15. Constitutional and non-constitutional rule. -- 16. Centralisation, decentralisation and federalism. -- 17. Representation and the role of legislatures and parliaments. -- 18. The national executive. -- 19. Political leadership. -- Part V. Implementation and control. -- 20. Bureaucracies and their role in government. -- 21. The role of the military in the political process. -- 22. Rule-adjudication and the role of judges in government. -- 23. Government and people in contemporary politics. -- 24. The future of the study of comparative government
Literary Form
non fiction
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xvi, 389 pages, illustration, 24 cm.

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