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Jus gentium in humanist jurisprudence, on justice and right, by Susan Longfield Karr - hardcover

"This book explores how the fathers of humanist jurisprudence contributed to the emergence of ius gentium as the common law not simply of Europe, but of all mankind, in the early sixteenth century. They did so by so thoroughly reinterpreting terms, idioms, and categories preserved within Justinian's Digest that they fundamentally transformed them to address sources and limits of political and legal authority in the broader context of early-modern state formation. In the process, they offered theories of universal jurisprudence grounded in the attributes and actions of man and states that anticipated some of the most salient features of modern sovereignty and rights. Theories that we tend to identify with post-Reformation political and legal thought, rather than the early Renaissance"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Part I. Guillaume Budé : jus, justice, and dignity -- 1. Setting the scene : Justinian's Digest and university-based jurisprudence -- 2. Excavating, restoring, and redefining jus at the foundations of humanist jurisprudence -- Part II. Ulrich Zasius : jus, jus gentium, and rights -- 3. Re-defining jus to restore justitia : Ulrich Zasius' methods in word and in action -- 4. Breaking with tradition : jus gentium as a source of universal rights and obligations -- Part III. Andrea Alciati : jus, violence, and imperium -- 5. Self-evident truths and demonstrable facts : power, politics and persuasion -- 6. The tenacity of violence and the parity of right : Alciati's [re-]interpretation of jus and jus gentium -- Conclusion : the re-formation of Europe and the turn to jus gentium
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non fiction
Based on author's thesis (doctoral--University of Chicago, 2008) issued under title: Nature, self, and history in the works of Guillaume Budé, Andrea Alciati, and Ulrich Zasius : a study of the role of legal humanism in Western natural law
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1 online resource (x, 400 pages ), illustrations.
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