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Mega-crises, understanding the prospects, nature, characteristics, and the effects of cataclysmic events, edited by Ira Helsloot ... [and others]

"We live in turbulent times with continents and nations facing ever-heightening risks such as natural disasters, intense and protracted conflicts, terrorism, corporate crises, cyber threats to infrastructures and mega-events. We are witnessing the rise of mega-crises and a new class of adversity with many unknowns. The prospect of mega-crises presents professionals and students in the field of crisis management with four major tasks. First, they should engage in 'deep thinking' about the causes of the increasing occurrence of mega-crises. Second, they should identify and work through the dominant trends which complicate contemporary crisis management. Third, they should upgrade institutional crisis management capacity. Fourth, they should improve societal resilience since no institutional complex can mitigate or manage these mega-crisis on its own. This book is divided into four primary parts, each of which looks at one facet of mega-crises. Part I focuses on the concept of a mega-crisis and mega-crisis management; Part II examines crisis management of mega-natural disasters; Part III evaluates crisis management of man-made mega-crises; and Part IV identifies mega-threats and vulnerabilities. Additional major topics include Hurricane Katrina; Hurricane Gustav; the London Bombings; the Mumbai Terrorist Attacks of July 7, 2005; corporate meltdowns; the subprime crisis; the Olympic Games; electricity grids; global climate change; the Dutch Delta; risks to food security; and mega-crises and the Internet. This comprehensive text will provide practitioners and academics with the results of an across-the-board research effort in the prospects, nature, characteristics, and the effects of mega-crises"--Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
The concept of mega-crisis and mega-crisis management -- Introduction / Ira Helsloot, Arjen Boin, Brian Jacobs, Louise K. Comfort -- The megacrisis unknown territory: in search of conceptual and strategic / Patrick Lagadec -- Observations on the political and decision-making dimensions of response / Herman B. Leonard, Arnold M. Howitt -- Crisis management of mega-natural disasters -- Hurricane Katrina: crisis leadership that failed a country / John R. Harrald -- Hurricane Katrina: the complex origins of a mega-disaster / Charles Parker, Eric Paglia -- Hurricane Gustav: the management of a transboundary crisis / Arjen Boin, Jude Egan -- Resilience, entropy, and efficiency in crisis management : the January 12, 2010 Haiti earthquake / Louise K. Comfort, Michael D. Siciliano, Aya Okada -- The challenges of mega crisis management : the 2008 Sichuan earthquake / Lan Xue, Ling Zhou -- The micro and macro dynamics of a mega-disaster : rethinking the Sri Lanka tsunami experience / Georg Frerks -- Mega crisis management during the H1N1 pandemic : an argument for citizen and community engagement / Sandra Crouse Quinn, Ira Helsloot -- Crisis management of manmade mega-crisis -- The making of a mega-crisis : 9/11 as a case for the concept / Tricia Wachtendorf, James M. Kendra -- The London bombings of July 7, 2005 / David Alexander -- The Mumbai terrorist attacks 2008 / Ivar Hellberg, Erwin Muller -- How impunity and Kenya's 2008 post elections violence set fire on east Africa's "island of peace" / Cyprian Nyamwamu, Njeri Kabeberi, Augustine Magolowondo -- Mega crisis in fragile states / Rob de Wijk -- Corporate meltdowns / Les Coleman -- The post-subprime crisis global credit crunch / Matthew Watson -- The subprime crisis / Don M. Chance -- Megacities under adversity : ideology, risk, and good urban governance / Brian Jacobs -- Identifying mega-threats and vulnerabilities -- The Olympic games : coping with risks and vulnerabilities of a mega-event / Will Jennings, Martin Lodge -- Energy : exploring complexity as a dynamic vulnerability in high-voltage electricity grids / Mark de Bruijne -- Global climate change as environmental megacrisis / Joanna Endter-Wada, Helen Ingram -- The Dutch delta : a mega crisis waiting to happen? / Karen Engel, Bas Kolen, Herman van der Most, Kees van Ruiten -- Risks to food security : contingency planning for agri-megacrises / Hendrik J. Bruins -- Megacrises and the internet : risks, incentives, and externalities / Michel van Eeten, Johannes M. Bauer
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non fiction
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xvii, 370 pages, illustrations, 27 cm.

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