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The immigration crisis in Europe and the U.S.-Mexico border in the new era of heightened nativism, Victoria Carty

In The Immigration Crisis in Europe and the U.S.-Mexico Border in the New Era of Heightened Nativism, Victoria Cartycompares the immigration crises in the European Union and the United States. Beginning in 2014, the Arab Spring upheavals and failed states in Northern Africa and the Middle East overwhelmed many European countries which the European Union system was not prepared for. In the Americas, failed states in Central America such as Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador also led to an unexpected influx of immigrants to the United States, many of them unaccompanied minors, fleeing gangs, violence and poverty. In The Immigration Crisis in Europe and the U.S.-Mexico Border, Carty studies theories of immigration, social movements, and critical race theory to provide a better understanding of the current immigration crises in Europe and the United States. Carty shows that the high volume of immigration in both the EU and the United States has led to a resurgence of nativist sentiments and white supremacy groups. --, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Chapter 1: Theories of Migration, Social Movements and Ethno-nationalism Chapter 2: Immigration Patterns between the United States, Mexico and Central America in a Historical Perspective Chapter 3: Anti-Immigrant Sentiments and the Rise of Euroscepticism Chapter 4: Immigration and the Rise of White Supremacy Chapter 5: Contentions Politics and Advocacy Work to Support Immigrant Rights
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non fiction
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206 pages, 23 cm

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