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Chinese civilization in vistas of world civilization, Jiang Yi-hua, author ; translated by Zhao Cui-hua, Chang Liang, Zhang Xiao-li, Zhang Yong-li - hardcover

"The first chapter of this book introduces the emergence, historical evolution and characteristics of Chinese civilization; the second chapter introduces the knowledge pedigree of Chinese civilization, which is characterized by human-centered and historical and social practice; chapter three introduces the value pedigree of Chinese civilization with ethics and responsibility as the core; Chapter 4 introduces the national governance system of Chinese civilization in selecting and appointing talents; Chapter 5 introduces China's self-organization of mutual assistance and mutual benefit; Chapter 6 discusses the relationship between Chinese civilization and world civilization in the new era. Since entering the 21st century, China's economic aggregate and political influence have increased day by day. However, for a long time, the Western world's view of China has been full of various prejudices and misunderstandings which are produced by the ignorance of the history and current situation of Chinese civilization. This book aims to introduce all aspects of Chinese civilization in the most concise language in a way that is easiest for readers in the Western world to understand. It is hoped that readers can profoundly change their views on China after reading this book"--, Provided by publisher
Literary Form
non fiction
Translated from the Chinese
Physical Description
vi, 124 pages, 24 cm

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