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Holocaust cinema complete, a history and analysis of 400 films, with a teaching guide, Rich Brownstein ; forewords by Tim Blake Nelson, Walter Reich, Michael Berenbaum and Edward Jacobs, and David Zucker - paperback

"For generations, Holocaust movies have become an important segment of world cinema and the de-facto holocaust education for many. They are so critically venerated that one-third of all American-produced Holocaust films have been nominated for at least one Oscar. Nonetheless, most Holocaust films have fallen through the cracks. In fact, few have even been commercially successful. This book explains these trends-and many others-in a complete guide to 300 Holocaust films and made-for-television movies. Here, Holocaust films from Anne Frank to Schindler's List to Jojo Rabbit are put into historical and artistic perspective and are discussed through many lenses: historically, chronologically, thematically, sociologically, geographically and individually. The filmmakers behind these films are also contextualized, including Charlie Chaplin, Sidney Lumet, Woody Allen, Steven Spielberg and Roman Polanski. This book also includes recommendations and reviews of the 50 best Holocaust films, an educational guide, and a detailed listing of each Holocaust film"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Narrative Holocaust film basics -- Stats and eras -- Surprising Holocaust film traits -- The unavoidables : Elie Wiesel, Anne Frank, Oskar Schindler and Oscar Bait -- A practical history of Holocaust filmmaking in Hollywood -- The greatest narrative Holocaust film ever made -- Roman Polanski and The pianist (2002) -- Holocaust film curriculum planning : the "SOFTA" system -- Recommended Holocaust films -- Epilogue : Eva.Stories and Holocaust film trend
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non fiction
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viii, 480 pages, illustrations, 26 cm

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