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Institutes of divine jurisprudence, with selections from Foundations of the law of nature and nations, Christian Thomasius ; edited, translated, and with an introduction by Thomas Ahnert

Table Of Contents
Book I. On jurisprudence in general -- On divine jurisprudence -- On the interpretation of divine laws in general and on practical principles -- On the interpretation of divine laws in particular, that is, on the first principles of natural law and positive universal law -- On the duties of man toward god -- Book II. On the duty of man toward himself -- On the duty of man toward others, in particular on preserving equality among humans -- On avoiding pride -- On not harming others and on compensating for harm that has been done -- On the various duties of humanity -- On the duty of persons forming an agreement -- On the duty of man concerning speech -- On the duty of those taking an oath -- On duty concerning things and their ownership -- On the duty concerning the prices of things -- On the interpretation of divine and human will insofar as it is expressed in words -- Book III. On the duty of man toward fellow humans in general -- On the duty of man with regard to conjugal society -- On the positive laws concerning the duties of marriage -- On the duties of parents and children -- On the duties of lords and servants -- On the duties of those living in a commonwealth -- On the duties of citizens in states concerning punishments -- On the duties of confederates -- On duties toward legates -- On duties toward the dead -- On the application of divine laws -- Selections from foundations of the law of nature and nations. The reason for this work -- On the moral nature of man -- On the law of nature and nations
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