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Critique as a modern social phenomenon, the critical society, Tom Boland ; with a foreword by Arpad Szakolczai

What are the origins and purposes of social critique? This book explores how critique has been taken for granted by scholars, and how it can be recuperated as a moving force in history. It analyses critique as a social phenomenon--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
1. The Critic's Paradox; 2. Towards and Anthropology of Critique; 3. Historicity of Critique; 4. Critical Subjectivity: Towards a Gnomonic model of subject constitution; 5. The Circus of Critique: On the Public Sphere; 6. The Economic Reality and All-Consuming Critiques; 7. Political Critiques: The cases of Occupy and Ordo-Liberalism; 8. Literature as insight into critique: Experience and Conversion
Literary Form
non fiction
Physical Description
x, 416 pages, 24 cm.

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