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Climate change and Africa, edited by Pak Sum Low

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, no environmental issue is of such truly global magnitude as the issue of climate change. The poorer, developing countries are the least equipped to adapt to the potential effects of climate change, although most of them have played an insignificant role in causing it. African countries are amongst the poorest of the developing countries. This book presents the issues of most relevance to Africa, such as past and present climate, desertification, biomass burning and its implications for atmospheric chemistry and climate, energy generation, sea-level rise, ENSO-induced drought and flood, adaptation, disaster risk reduction, the UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol (especially the Clean Development Mechanism), capacity-building, and sustainable development. It provides a comprehensive and up-to-date review of these and many other issues, with chapters by the leading experts from a range of disciplines. Climate Change and Africa will prove to be an invaluable reference for all researchers and policy makers with an interest in climate change and Africa.--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Holocene climatic, hydrological and environmental oscillations in the tropics with special reference to Africa / Eric Odada, Daniel Olago -- The relative importance of the different forcings on the environment in Ethiopia during the Holocene / Mohammed U. Mohammed -- Global warming and African climate change : a reassessment / Mike Hulme [and others] -- Interactions of desertification and climate in Africa / Robert C. Balling, Jr. -- Africa's climate observed : perspectives on monitoring and management of floods, drought, and desertification / David A. Hastings -- Atmospheric chemistry in the tropics / Guy Brasseur, Alex Guenther, Larry Horowitz -- Natural and human-induced biomass burning in Africa : an important source for volatile organic compounds in the troposphere / Ralf Koppmann, Kristin von Czapiewski, Michael Komenda -- Biomass burning in Africa : role in atmospheric change and opportunities for emission mitigation / Evans Kituyi [and others] -- Soil micro-organisms as controllers of trace gas emissions over southern Africa / Luanne B. Otter, Mary C. Scholes -- Biomass energy in sub-Saharan Africa / David O. Hal, J. Ivan Scrase -- Natural resources : population growth and sustainable development in Africa / Keith Openshaw -- Sustainable energy development and the clean development mechanism : African priorities Randall Spalding-Fecher, Gillian Simmonds -- Opportunities for clean energy in the SADC under the UNFCCC : the case for the electricity and transport sectors / Peter P. Zhou -- Regional approaches to global climate change policy in sub-Saharan Africa / Ian H. Rowlands -- Energy for development : solar home systems in Africa and global carbon emissions / Richard D. Duke, Daniel M. Kammen -- Climate change in sub-Saharan Africa : assumptions, realities and future investments / Christopher O. Justice [and others] -- Climate-friendly energy policies for Egypt's sustainable development / Ibrahim Abdel Gelil -- Potential impacts of sea-level rise on populations and agriculture / René Gommes [and others] -- Sea-level rise and coastal biodiversity in West Africa : a case study from Ghana / Ayaa Kojo Armah, George Wiafe, David G. Kpelle -- The impacts of ENSO in Africa / Godwin O.P. Obasi -- Climate policy implications of the recent ENSO events in a small island context / Rolph Antoine Payet -- El Niño causes dramatic outbreak of paederus dermatitis in East Africa / Ingeborg M.C.J. van Schayk -- The role of indigenous plants in household adaptation to climate change : the Kenyan experience / Siri Eriksen -- Requirements for integrated assessment modelling at the regional and national levels in Africa to address climate change / Paul V. Desanker [and others] -- Climate and disaster risk reduction in Africa / Reid Basher, Sálvano Briceño -- Climate change mitigation analysis in southern African countries : capacity enhancement in Botswana, Tanzania and Zambia / Gordon A. Mackenzie -- Capacity-building initiatives to implement the climate change convention in Africa / George Manful -- Education and public awareness : foundations of energy efficiency / John J. Todd -- Lessons for developing countries from the ozone agreements / K. Madhava Sarma -- Opportunities for Africa to integrate climate protection in economic development policy / Stephen O. Andersen -- Ozone depletion and global climate change : is the Montreal Protocol a good model for responding to climate change? / Robert A. Reinstein
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