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Democratic transformations in Europe, challenges and opportunities, edited by Yvette Peters and Michaël Tatham - alkaline paper

Table Of Contents
The Transformation of Democracy / Yvette Peters & Michaël Tatham -- A Re-Emergence of Nationalism as a Political Force in Europe? / Terje Knutsen -- What Kind of Challenge? : Right-Wing Populism in Contemporary Western Europe / Lise Lund Bjånesøy & Elisabeth Ivarsflaten -- Party Decline? / Hilmar L. Mjelde & Lars Svåsand -- Democratic Discontent in Times of Crisis? / Jonas Linde & Stefan Dahlberg -- The Struggle between Liberalism and Social Democracy / Michael E. Alvarez -- The Sustainability of European Welfare States : the Significance of Changing Labour Markets / Johannes Andresen Oldervoll & Stein Kuhnle -- Intra-EU Migration and the Moral Sustainability of the Welfare State / Cornelius Cappelen -- Displacing Politics. The State of Democracy in an Age of Diffused Responsibility / Yvette Peters -- Terrorism, Counterterrorism and Democracy / Jan Oskar Engene -- Climate Change Mitigation / Friederike Talbot -- Minority Rights under Majority Rule : LGB-Rights in Europe / Vegard Vibe -- Is the European Public Sphere Good for Democracy? / Hakan G. Sicakkan -- Multi-Jurisdictional Politics : State Adaptation and Mixed Visions of Democracy / Michaël Tatham -- The Contemporary State of Democracy in a Transformed Europe / Yvette Peters & Michaël Tatham
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