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Republics of Difference, Religious and Racial Self-Governance in the Spanish Atlantic World, Karen B. Graubart

Medieval and early modern Spanish monarchs governed through jurisdictional pluralism, placing corporate groups into competition with one another and delegating tax collection and the management of civil conflict to them. Doing so enabled some autonomy, but also constrained the way they interacted with others. This book examines these subordinate republics in two asynchronous locations: peoples of Muslim, Jewish, and sub-Saharan African descent in fifteenth-century Seville, and Indigenous and (sometimes) Black peoples in sixteenth and seventeenth-century Lima. It does so through two lenses-space and jurisdiction-which enable the reader to reimagine and supplement absent archival materials. At times, those in power wished to separate the subordinate republics: to contain their contamination, or to protect them from predatory influences. Using arcGIS mapping in conjunction with archival documentation, the book explores the ways that members of these republics utilized the urban environment in contradistinction to narratives of separation, producing their own hierarchies that intersected with local society. Jurisdiction was also permeable, as urban residents could venue-shop, but the existence of judges and law within communities meant that they could occasionally enact justice on their own terms. Finally, the book turns to two case studies, of Black republics (one extant in Seville but mostly refused in the empire), and of Lima's Cercado, an Indian town on the city's outskirts. These cases demonstrate the key functions of the republics but also the ways they participated in the racialization of identities in the Spanish world. The limited autonomy of the subordinate republic could also be a vehicle for producing discriminatory difference.--, Provided by publisher
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Contents: Acknowledgments - Introduction: Republics and the Politics of Self-Governance - Part I:Space - 1. Religious Republics in Seville, 1248-1502 - 2. Lima's Indian Republics, 1532-1650 - Part II:Jurisdiction - 3. Institutionalizing Legal Difference in Castile - 4. Aljama, or the Republic of Difference - 5. Caciques and Local Governance in the Andes - 6. Entangled Authority in the Lima Valley - Part III:Order and Disorder - 7. The Specters of Black Self-Governance - 8. Walls and Law in Lima and Its Cercado - Conclusion: Republics Producing Difference - Notes - Glossary - Bibliography - Index
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